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Photography by Andy Warren   

Welcome to the Hunter's definitive photo library!  Here is some information about my site and what it's all about. Please feel free to browse around the gallery as much as you like!

A Pictorial Tribute to Our Region

Newcastle and the Hunter Valley comprise a beautiful and unique portion of Australia's east coast.  We are lucky to have at our doorsteps beautiful beaches, a charming city, world-renowned vineyards and a most magnificent mountain landscape.  This web-site aims to pay a pictorial tribute to a very special part of Australia.

Years in the Making

As a local photographer, I started compiling these images many years ago. It has been somewhat of a labour of love, and I guess will never in a sense be complete!  All photos are presented with text descriptions and, where applicable, additional information.  I am hoping that  by publishing these photos on line, locals and people from all around the world alike, will be able to enjoy them.

A Valuable Resource for the Print Media

All of the photos presented on this web site are available for purchase by Magazines, Newspapers and other information journals.  This site is a valuable resource for the print media.  A pricing guideline is provided for your perusal, and photos can be supplied in a number of formats.  Of course, purchases can also be made by any interested members of the public.

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All images at this site Copyright Andy Warren, Photographer, 2000.

'New Pasha Bulker Images'
Now Available. A new selection of High Resolution Digital Images. These photos are now in the Newcastle & Hunter & Shipping Sections

Other Images
If the images you are looking for are not on-site, please let me know. I may well have suitable images at hand OR be able to photograph a particular scene for you.

Contact me
Please Email me or phone me on (02) 4966 3424 with your questions or comments. Thanks for your support!